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Test! Don't guess with your health.

We accept FSA & HSA

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With the right tools, you can change your life forever!

We understand that there are many obstacles that you need to overcome to take care of your health. Health POD provides you with a team and tools you need to be successful when it comes to your health. Every protocol is specifically designed to meet YOUR needs to hit the ground running, helping you feel better and seeing results in as little as 2-4 weeks. 


Blood Test 

We test for 52 key biomarkers 
as opposed to the annual 
blood work you get with your 
doctor includes 15-20 biomarkers. Get to know your body like never before.

Functional Labs 

Not getting the answers you've been looking for? Functional labs have helped thousands unlock the root cause to their health issues. 

Gym Equipment

What's The Difference?

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Our memberships are cheaper than hiring all 3 experts combined 

States we services 

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